Rafe (etcet) wrote,

Out with a bang

The joys of feline introductions - spent several hours last night wondering if Magellan and Kirk had somehow managed to escape the house despite my parents' vigilance while unloading for their visit, because they were nowhere to be found for the better part of two hours, and then, suddenly, both of them were at my feet.

Couldn't *possibly* have had anything to do with the fact I'd just sat down to eat dinner, I'm sure.

Introductions are going... gingerly. Magellan is stressed out whenever another cat is nearby (including Kirk, half the time). Kirk has discovered her "Timmy's down the well!" peeping mew and is deploying it for no clearly-discerned reason. She's also taken to trying to walk on my desktop keyboard while I use it. Henry is slow-moving and generally ambivalent and his stomach is tetchy after the road trip, and Lilly is being a hissy bitch. I have to assume that they will all chill the fuck out once they realize that they're all going to be here together whether they like it or not.

I went to bed at 815 last night to the sound of a shitload of fireworks, having passed on lifting due to adrenal fatigue worrying about where the fuck my cats were and bummed that CS has come down with a wicked case of the creeping crud, about which I can do nothing except offer sympathies and reminders for self-care.

Woke up at 520, made coffee, and put the bison roast in for six-plus hours at 185 for this afternoon.

Bills to pay later, workout routines to evaluate and decide upon and begin to do.
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