Rafe (etcet) wrote,

Initial chiro consult - probably a bulging or slightly slipped disk at the L/S boundary, but getting an x-ray this afternoon to confirm. This is my not-surprised face, because it's more than likely what happened before, and what my dad had repaired when he was 70.

Good news: It isn't sciatica. "Does it hurt when I do this?" "A little, maybe a three or four." "If your sciatic nerve was the problem, you'd be trying to kill me, so it's not that."

Nurse takes blood pressure: "140/95."
Me: "Sounds about right."
Nurse: "You've got high blood pressure?"
Me: "No, I'm just in a lot of pain." (My last blood donation was something like 112/68 with a pulse of 54. Standing around and walking is a 6 to 8 on the "please stop stabbing me" scale, fun times)

I got two gold stars from the doc for my penchant for standing at my desk and applying ice to the site of the injury as opposed to where it actually hurts. Got a couple recommendations for exercises/things I can do to help alleviate the discomfort - knees to chest while lying on my back and rolling around like a pillbug and sitting/standing hipshot or otherwise unevenly to direct the pressure on the unhappy point in less constant/uniform ways.

He didn't come right out and tell me not to lift, and, since it actually hurts less to lift than it does to walk, I will continue to do so (yes, carefully).

I also picked up an inversion table from a used sporting goods store (walked in b/c I was next door at the used bookstore trying to find a local author's early work for my parents, without success, and they'd taken delivery of this thing half an hour earlier), so I get to hang upside down like batman for a few minutes at a time to stretch. mostly feeling that in my obliques and the front of my hips until the muscles relax for the time being.
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