Rafe (etcet) wrote,

Into the lungs of hell...

Throat specialist: "Take this more aggressive antibiotic and get a contrast-dye CAT scan (scheduled for Friday), and we'll do a biopsy in a two weeks (3/17) to make sure it isn't lymphoma, because of your age."

If it's something the prednisone/cephalexin didn't kill, they gave me a scrip for something more assertive (bio-something). It might be an inflamed/blocked salivary gland thing, or it might be a lymph thing - the cat/contrast dye scan is to discern where and how many lymph nodes might be reacting to whatever's going on.

It might have been triggered by my dental cleaning the Monday before I noticed the lump; he didn't think it was likely, because it wasn't an invasive cleaning or procedure, and my gums looked ok to him, but it's possible.

My teeth ache in that 'incipient sinus crap / I really need to floss' kind of way, which is annoying as fuck. On the upside, it is keeping me from snacking.

I'd really like to have a good workout tonight. my throat's scratchy. I ended up barely making yesterday's KB swings and was in bed early and hard, and slept disgustingly - woke up covered in sweat and drool from a stressful dream where CS was distraught that I'd taken a train ride and shared a fruit & cheese tray with Cate Blanchett (the wine that went with it, a dry white, was totally not doing anything for my palate; that touch was realistic *laugh*).

Stupid and annoyingly phlegmy cough remains stupid and annoying. Hoping it's not viral, so the antibiotics can kick its ass.

As I said to a couple folks via IM: "If Mario fucking Lemiux can beat Hodgkin's disease, I can."
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