Rafe (etcet) wrote,


Tiny is still fat and pregnant and feisty, but this little one didn't release its hold on dinner even when she lurched at me for pulling the lid off to get the picture. Heading out to dinner now, so expect further updates throughout the evening.

Confirmed second kitten while I was out getting dinner, all black. No pictures, because an all-black newborn kitten nursing from an all-black mother curled up protectively around it and filtered through Skype's video compression basically looks like a single black lump of puffed-up fur with one set of very angry eyes. There may be an additional one or more still lurking within.

Second, slightly darker, tortoiseshell has appeared within the last hour and a half. Uncertain if there is a fourth latent kitten, or if it's just the three of them. Going down for a 90 minute pre-game nap, will check again later.

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