Rafe (etcet) wrote,

It's never lupus

This is the considered opinion of the specialist after examining the CT scan of my lymph nodes and the rest of my lower skull, and seeing what his needle sucked out of my head on three spelunking sorties.

It is, however, possibly some kind of anaerobic bacteria, so I've been issued a third kind of antibiotic after my needle biopsy, from which, the doc extracted a nontrivial amount of very-reassuring pus and a core sample, which will be summarily split up for culture development, as well as lymphoma and non-lymphoma testing, the results of which, I should have in a week to a week and a half, during which time, we'll see what the newest bug killers do (cephalexin = bupkis; clarithromyacin = abatement of inflamed secondary lymph bits, and once I ran out on Friday morning, the WGSoMM[1] got markedly more inflamed and tender and warm to the touch).

[1] Whole General Sort of Mish-Mash
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