Rafe (etcet) wrote,

Catgrubs and crunching

Today's morning dose of the Catgrubs:


Had a very good adjustment at the chiro yesterday - something deep in my back in the vicinity of the injury site went "crrun-unch" in a manner the doc described as "knocking the rust off." Since my pain levels have been steadily decreasing (mostly isolated to the outside of my left calf with occasional butt twinges), I'll take it. I get my strength and ROM tested thursday (my ego is kind of invested in this, despite my only having been able to squat 265x6 and deadlift 385 for a single last week).

One more day's worth of the clindamycin remains; unfortunately, so does the lump, though it is slightly diminished in extent and tenderness/warmth to the touch. I suspect, at this point, that my consult with the ENT next Thursday will entail a fourth round of antibiotics; I may inquire as to the possibility of another needle-drain or direct shot of antibiotics to the infection site itself to speed things along, because six weeks of this has been quite enough.
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