Rafe (etcet) wrote,

A collection of things

A veritable hodgepodge of things.

- I have committed fannishness as it pertains to seanan_mcguire's tumblr. Behold, eleven minutes of my recitation of THE BIRTHDAY UNENDING: http://t.co/iNVuaRnOnq

- The catgrubs have been named. The striped boys are Grub and Spawn, and the black girl is Nymph. At sixteen days, they're just about ready to start exploring, once their muscle development catches up with their bones - they're still a bit lizard-legged (which is a good sign, it means they're growing quickly and well, though it does suggest the boys, especially Grub, are apt to be beeeeeeeeeg kitties). Tiny has been a flake, squirreling them away behind the litterbox after I put down puppy pads in advance of their beginning to excrete but not yet learning litterbox etiquette in another week or two, but once they're more mobile, I expect them to be all over the place in the spare bathroom. I should lay in more paper towels and wipes, because, lousy though the linoleum in there is, I still don't want to step in kittenshit. :)

This is them Saturday morning, hours before being two weeks old:

And this is video of Spawn getting his mouthy squirm on this morning:

- For them what missed it over the weekend, open-ended signups for my online personal training via Fitocracy has begun: http://www.fitocracy.com/knowledge/rage-box-training-with-rafe-brox/ (Yesterday, silentq set a deadlift PR!)

- I basically tested-out of needing to do much in the way of physical therapy for my back; the isometric extension machine says I'm basically two standard deviations above normal as far as strength goes (so that was nice)

- The first-pass edits on AJ's latest novel manuscript are complete, so now we get to play ping-pong with it before we're both satisfied enough to pass it to the publisher in about a month. Publication details will be available once they're known.

- In the wake of losing my cool at work, the upshot is that I've had a series of very fruitful conversations with my chain of command, the gist of which is, while I fucked up, it called attention to exactly how overtaxed my team is (and, having assembled the first quarter's numbers, I was able to extend honest kudos to both of the guys on my team for upping their game - in C's case, by a hundred percent over last year)... so we got the managerial command to ALWAYS TAKE OUR LUNCH BREAKS. Because we've been handling ever-increasing loads, the strain of working at near-max capacity was being essentially masked by our sacrifices, so we get to ease off on the throttle with management's blessing to make the case via service delivery performance *declining* that headcount is justified (and I was reassured that, three levels up my food chain, every budget conversation includes this request; we just haven't been squeaking loud enough to get the grease)
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