Rafe (etcet) wrote,

That's that (in two parts)

So, I'm done needing to see the chiropractor for a while.

Physical Therapist: "We're all getting older, you know."
Me: "There's no call for that kind of language, lady."
PT: "We're all stronger today than we will be tomorrow, and weaker today than we were ten years ago, unless you were a couch potato."
Me: "As a matter of fact, I was, and I have every intention of being stronger next year than I am right now."

Chiropractor: "You might be the strongest person I've ever had on that machine[1]. Keep doing what you're doing, you've had about the best results of anyone in my practice."
Me: "Taking it easy? Uh, no thank you. I want to get back to work."
Him: "Well, you're going on maintenance. Come back in a month unless something happens."

* * * *

It took exactly one day to litter-train the catgrubs, at 37 days old. They were wetting on the towel/puppy pad combo for the last few days, and pooped on the puppy pad yesterday; I put a box with a small amount of litter in it today, they used it for everything, as far as I can tell. They may or may not be inheriting Tiny's, uh, vigorous burial technique (she flings litter *everywhere* which is why the box she uses is in the bathtub), but I can hope they'll be more measured.

* * * *

[1] Isometric back extension, at twelve-degree increments, from 72 degrees of flexion to none whatsoever; I managed 517 lb-feet of torque at maximal flexion (up from 486 on 3/27), and about 350 at full extension - both are about double the standard deviation above average (which is apparently a more or less straight line from max flexion to max extension, with the latter being about half of the former; mine is shaped like the back of a horse - more or less flat from 24 to 48 degrees, with a spike upwards at 60 and 72 degrees of flexion and a slight (relative) drop-off at max extension).

Hilarity ensued while I tried to break the machine conducting the test:

PT: "You're stronger than half the pro football players we have in here, even Mike Alstott."
Me: "Good. But I want to be stronger than all of them."

Coworker (C___) was in the testing room, warming up on the exercise bike, and got curious: "So, what would that look like with my graph on there (comparison between my current and previous test plots vs average guys my age/size +/- 1std dev)?"
PT: "Oh, honey, you don't want to do that." (Polite way of saying, "HIPA says, 'go fuck yourself'.")
Me: "I spend all day making you look bad at the office; you don't want to see how much worse I make you look here."
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