Rafe (etcet) wrote,

Stiff and sore of hip and ankle from double-shifting at the hockey game saturday evening (wherein we got off to a terrible start; the other team was up 5-0 by the midway point, but we finished better and it ended 6-2, with a bunch of near misses that, unfortunately, were not missed by the other team early on), but still sticking with Doing Stuff - groceries and errands and adopting Grub out to a coworker's brother Friday evening.

spawn and nymph are doing well; active and playful and getting used to being handled and stuff, and learning the ins and outs of breakfast deployment (they also went to town on the chicken trimmings i put down; spawn especially, which is good).

spent some time yesterday telling people they were wrong on the internet, interspersed with cat pictures. tumblr is useful for such things. less helpful is the fact that i dreamed i was naked in some kind of Avengers movie and trying to run away from police in an urban railway setting after getting caught deploying a UV beacon with Black Widow & Hawkeye on a dare, and watching a bunch of naval ships get blown the fuck up by unspecified things. i... have no fuckin' idea. I've never even watched the movies (five minutes of the first THOR movie was all I could take, so all my exposure to them is via gifsets and assorted fan headcanon/au stuff)

Am going to be doing T-Nation's "Built for Bad" workouts for the next six weeks - I took if for a test drive the last half of last week, and I like it - heavy, intense, but over relatively quickly - even though I fucked up by having my printed workout sheet flip over, so instead of doing week 1, workout 1 & 2, i did week 1 workout 1 and week *4* workout 2, which are... essentially the same thing. ATTENTIVENESS --.

Made a slow cooker full of chicken with barbecue sauce & sesame ginger marinade yesterday; the first pieces out (after seven hours on low heat) are best summarized as, "lovely flavor, just not enough of it."
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