Rafe (etcet) wrote,

We are a go for suck

So, my pre-donation physical exam and Q&A session for the bone marrow donation was today, and, honestly, the hardest part was staying awake on the drive home (perhaps the triple berry TGI Friday's smoothie was a carb grenade too far).

Leisurely two-hour drive up, register with the nursing staff, make enjoyable smalltalk while having ten vials of blood drawn, chill out with a book, pee in a cup, chill with a book, answer some questions, chill with a book, have a nurse check my lymph nodes and breathing with a stethoscope, chill with a book, get an echocardiogram[1], finish reading my book, talk to the attending physician and fill out more paperwork, talk to the apheresis phlebotomist, and leave.

All looks to be a go for my donation in a few weeks; my pre-donation guidance is "stop taking creatine to give your kidneys a breather, and buy a bottle of Tums to start taking four or five a day when you start getting the marrow stimulation drug, so that when we hook you up to the apheresis machine, the anti-coagulants don't leach the calcium from your blood and make your fingers and lips tingle."

[1] This is possibly the most trivially disappointing-vs-expectations diagnostic procedure from a patient's perspective ever; it is literally "put these stickers on, clip wires to them, sit still for 30 seconds, remove stickers." The drama was the nurse musing whether or not we'd need to prune small spots of my pelt or not (we didn't; I mowed it down recently)
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