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So, I have retained the services of a new strength and conditioning coach (Alex Viada) on the recommendation of a friend, as well as his own objective merits (he is both substantially stronger and faster than I am).

Thus, the last couple of days have been me doing various assessment exercises to see where I fall in terms of things my workout logbook may not show (and entailed a comedy-of-errors-offset-by-good-customer-service procurement of a heart/workout monitor doodad)

- go as far as possible in one hour without getting my heart rate over 145. HAHAHAH. that falls into a sinkhole in my conditioning - a manhattan-speed walk is 137, a slow jog is 151. so, i vacillated between the two for a not-that-impressive-to-me 5.2 miles (i also knocked out a 1.25 mile race-pace push in 100* heat index in 10:03)
- 30 second intervals of increasing speed on the treadmill until i couldn't - managed to make it through the 7 minute mile interval, but not the 6:30
- approach a 1 rep max back squat (365#) and then do a rep every ten seconds at 185# until failure; i got 31 reps before my back said 'you think maybe you should rack that more often than every eighth rep, you fucking jackass?'

so, we'll see how things go. it feels good to have direction, and not knowing what the next workout entails until the morning of is kind of a nice change of pace, but i don't know if that's going to be SOP or not once things get rolling.
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