Rafe (etcet) wrote,

uncharacteristically, i have just done a thing

despite outward appearances, tend towards inertia, so getting off my ass and engaging with the idea of doing something a little out of my comfort zone (that doesn’t directly involve putting a shitload of weight in my hands) is kind of a big deal.

i’m now officially a 1st Phorm independent sales rep. *nervous woo*

don’t worry, i’m not going to be a spam-caster, because nothing is more annoying than someone who used to be an actual person turning into some kind of ad-spewing asshole; i like their stuff and when i asked if they did athlete sponsorships, they said, “no, but how does recommending the ones you like sound?” to which i said, “as long as i don’t have to be some kind of woo-woo sales bro,” and they replied “ok.”

thus, if anyone is interested in checking out their stuff, the link to do so is 1stphorm.com/rbx - that’s my “i get paid if you buy stuff” custom url.

i’ll be more than happy to talk shop and make recommendations and tell you what my experiences with the ones i’ve tried have been (this is why i’m not good at pushy sales shit; i don’t really get hyped up, but will happily shoot the shit about stuff i enjoy)

so, yeah. i did a thing. now, if you’ll excuse me, even being this close to sales-dude mode has me wanting to go throw up.
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