Rafe (etcet) wrote,

Targets Acquired

So, depending on which governing body my meet(s) are sanctioned by in 2017, there's a nontrivial bullseye on my radar:

The IPL world fucking record in the 165# Master's division (40-44) deadlift (both as part of the three-lift powerlifting thing[1], and as a standalone thing[2], though I'll need to figure out what the distinction is). I may need to find an IPL-sanctioned meet at which to compete to make one or both of these a reality.

The USPA's American records for full meet[3] and single-lift[4] are slightly higher, because there is a somewhat different weigh-in protocol, but they're also solidly in my sights. These are definitely the federation in which I am competing at the meet in March (though I am less certain if I'm going to do the May meet; I may recalibrate my lifting competition schedule based on how that shakes out).

At the "mock meet" on Sunday, my putative deadlift performance would have looked like this:
- 1st lift, 515# (good)
- 2nd lift, 545# (no lift)
- 3rd lift, 545# (good)
- 4th lift (allowed when going for a record), 565# (good*)

* good enough, per my coaches, for a gym lift, but I would need to hold it at lockout longer than I did to get "good lift" in competition, but their expert consensus is that the meet excitement would have made that a near-certainty.

[1] Currently @ 242.5kg (534#)
[2] Currently vacant, with a 232.5kg (513#) bar to entry
[3,4] Currently @ 250kg (551#)
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