Rafe (etcet) wrote,


so, the other max-weight tests were yesterday, with satisfying, PR-flavored results.

High-bar back squats managed to work up to 395# (which is 60# more than I had previously done on this move, IIRC), though my all-time best squat is 445# using a safety squat bar (Jenn thinks that much weight with that bar should put me in the vicinity of 500# once I un-fuck my mechanics, even without getting appreciably stronger, which is nice).

And front squats were even more surprising, netting a 50# improvement, to 275# (and a half-rep miss at 295#), though I had never tested my 1RM on this move before (225# x 6).

Here's a shot of Kurgan, who is still stupidly cute.

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