Rafe (etcet) wrote,

A site for sore arms

Medical dressing came off this morning; the hardest part was using alcohol swabs to de-gunk where the tape had started slipping along the edge of it. Five small incisions with a suture or two apiece; as I described it to my mom, "It looks like I had rough sex with someone with long fingernails and a really strong grip."

Today's major trauma is actually logistical/financial - $8k to replace all the HVAC ductwork and the filter/air handler in the old portion of my house, because it is undersized, not code-compliant, and absolutely caked with mold. The heating and cooling units are fine, just 8.5 years old; the ducts are from at least the previous installation, and simply don't do a good job (plus, the code compliance dictates an air return in each bedroom, which is going to do wonders to evacuate the warm, unmoving air from the two rooms where that system performs the poorest). The decision to move on this was one part "my credit card is already smoking from DragonCon and my surgical costs" and one part "I'm going to be around the house anyways, so it won't dictate taking any time off of work"
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