Rafe (etcet) wrote,

Dreaming fanboy fail

Dreamed I was walking through one of the Human Habitrails at DragonCon, I believe the one connecting the Hyatt to the Mariott, when I passed a fairly scruffy Tom Hiddleston in the company of clevermanka, who was acting as kind of his handler/sherpa... and I was kind of intentionally a shmuck in blowing him off to say hello to her instead. In my defense, he was sporting a really ugly lavender and peach striped shirt and oddly frizzy ginger neckbeard.

And then he was very gracious about it anyways and we talked about how I wasn't into the stuff he's been in, because the apparent bar to entry to the whole Marvel movie universe is YOU HAVE TO SEE ALL THE MOVIES and ended up deciding we both had hairy Hobbit feet. And so does RDJ, apparently.
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