Rafe (etcet) wrote,

Last night's dream was hardly in order as it was, but I'm having a hard time reassembling it in the order it took place in my head, so it's bullet point time.

Obvious influences:
- People talking about getting rooms for DragonCon
- Playing Rock Band three weeks ago

- In a dark, intimate little pub, I was joining a family of Pakistani tourists for dinner, but all but the father (mom, teen son, teen daughter, and not-quite-tween daughter) were finishing their meal and had to duck out to be elsewhere; there was an evening event of some sort they wanted to attend. I slipped into the booth and removed a chocolate "Drumstick" ice cream treat from my pocket, since that was apparently my dinner.

- I was golfing at some kind of Pro-Am event, but I wasn't me, I was Tiger Woods, and I was paired up with Nick Faldo. There was some chaos with us striking the balls simultaneously and walking in each other's way as we tried to putt. Unfortunately, I couldn't make a short put, and the green was sloped in such a way that my ball rolled, and rolled, and weaved, and turned, and rolled, and ended up about a hundred yards away, and the only club I had was a nearly flat, horizontal wedge that was made for a child (but metal, and chromed, so not actually a toy). Attempting to chip back to the green, I instread hit a twenty-something woman in the hip, since she was crouched about ten feet in front of me and off to the right. I remarked that it was lucky it hadn't hit her in the ribs or head, and she agreed. She said she was rooming at the convention with my youngest sister, and if I wanted to come over to hang out later, that would be nice. I *think* she was flirting with me.

- Upon returning to my room and relating that to critus and the young guy in my department, they greeted me with a chorus of "Dude, I don't want to know if you're getting laid." Nonplussed, I left the room and pulled a Columbo. "I'll have a nice time." Apparently, I'm a sarcastic ass in my dreams. HUGE SHOCK.

- Wandering through the hotel, I came upon a lobby party, from which a very melodious male voice was crooning a song I'd been hearing throughout the dream - an acoustic mash-up of Alanis Morrissette's "You've Won Me Over" with Smashing Pumpkin's "Today," and found Jonathan Coulton chilling on a couch next to Joe the Photognome, singing, much to the delight of the dozen or so folks hanging out in chairs and on the floor around them. They gestured at the table of adult libations that was there for the festivities, and I put two fingers of Glenfiddich in a clear plastic cup over ice and kept strolling casually around.
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