Rafe (etcet) wrote,

We're back, we're bad; he's black, I'm mad.

Got about the best possible outcome at the orthopaedist's follow-up today (five and a half weeks post-op): Medically cleared to do everything except lift heavy. I am getting a goddamned massage on Sunday to alleviate the sympathetic kinks and twinges from ear to elbow on that side, I tell you what.

In a surprise to them but not to me, my, er, aggressive rehab routine[1] has given me 90% return of ROM, though some parts of it are still a bit painful (others who have gone through the bone spur portion of the festivities report that some of that lingers for many months).

So, my workout routine until the first week of December is going to be early morning weighted walks and HIIT stuff on the recumbent bike at the office on my lunch hour/after work, to restore some of my conditioning and lose some of the squish that needs to fuck off.

[1] Sets of 15-50 arm swings through all planes of motion; overhead pressing an empty hand, then a coffee cup, then a 5# weight or cat and, ultimately, a 12# medicine ball; sets of two-armed kettlebell swings, as well as the occasional mile or three jog/walk... and I bought a bicycle from the corner pawnshop yesterday, with which to make grocery runs and other local errands, since it doesn't seem prudent or practical to try and make my 13 mile commute on it, given the shitload of traffic along most of the route.
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