Rafe (etcet) wrote,

The First Two Books of PUPI

As a counterpoint, and to prove that I can say nice things when I'm not being paid to, there are the first two books in suricattus/Laura A. Gilman's "PUPI" (Private Unaffiliated Paranormal Investigations) series (there are at least two more in my to-be-read pile, and she announced yesterday that a secondary character that readers meet in the 2nd book is getting a couple of books based on his office, too... these books are themselves a spin-off of another of her series, which I have not yet read, because when I bought a passel of her OMG I NEED TO CLEAN MY APARTMENT GET THESE BOOKS OUT OF HERE sale, I didn't get the first book in that series)

I joked with her on tumblr that I seem to be surrounded by snarky, sassy, twentysomething paranormal investigators who can't get laid by the hot guy they most want to bang, since that's the lot in life of both Bonita Torres in Gilman's books (so far) as well as Marnie Baranuik in AJ Aalto's.

In a world where magic and fae are everyday things, though not everyone has the capacity to interact with them. It's Raymond Chandler slapped with Lisa Mantchev and Elizabeth Bear (I'd suppose it could be said that it's Jim Butcher with the cardboard replaced with characters, but I haven't read Butcher, so that's a second-hand criticism at best). Gilman's fandom for programs like "Supernatural" shows strongly - the books read like episodes of an ensemble procedural, where the case isn't the point, and the characters' interplay is (this is both good, because strong, clever characterization makes up for a lot of ills when I'm the audience... and the denouement/climax of both books so far has been acutely underwhelming, in that it's over in the space of a relatively humdrum paragraph, happens offstage, or is implied to take place after the book ends).
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