Rafe (etcet) wrote,

Back at it

No burying the lede here: I got clearance to resume lifting and all other activities by the orthpedist yesterday, with the caveat that I should start light and progressively overload at a modest pace. The PA was cute with the way he dithered around the subject of returning to my former levels of awesome, so I cut him off at the knees (because, fuck it, I has been cooling my heels in the reception area for two goddamned hours and wanted some fucking dinner).

"What you're trying to say is that you can't guarantee that I will regain 100% of what I was pre-op, and if I was twenty years younger, that this wouldn't be how the conversation would go. I can respect that, even if it's going to provide motivation anywys."

"Well, yeah. If you were benching 225 before the operation, I'd say you should probably start with..."

(In unison) "... 135 or 125. Maybe 115."

So that's what I'm going to do today. I am going to get back out in my garage, under the bar, and see what I've still got, so I know how far I have to recover lost ground. Expect me to be angry at the iron and meat for a while, because I am pissed off and feeling betrayed.

Fuck forty, fuck mortality, and fuck being weak. Ain't nobody got time for that shit.

Other than the time away making me too soft to get into my belt (goddammit, need to bust my ass on that front more, but lifting should help lose the squish) I was pretty much where i’d hoped to be, or a bit ahead:

Bench: 135x6 / 155x3 (straight bar) / 135x5 swiss bar

Squat (to the 13” box to keep depth): 315x3 (hamstrings were the weak point on these, not surprisingly)

OHP (swiss bar): 115x5

Deadlifts tomorrow. Got 315x5 two weeks ago without chalk or belt, so I’m optimistic for 365 or 405
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