Rafe (etcet) wrote,

The unbearable opacity of kittens

When I do not leap immediately out of bed for fitness or gastrointestinal reasons first thing in the morning, I tend to reach for my laptop to poke around the interwubs while my brain comes online. Sometimes CS is still awake on Skype, sometimes not, but there's always the bookface and the tumblr and the LJ and other places to peruse.

Or, there would be, if I didn't have Kirk's nose or ass in my face when I try to read the internet or a book while recumbent.

The deep and abiding irony of this post is that she tried to interpose herself between my face and hands three times, and curled up sullenly beside me (between sorties) because I'm sitting too upright to allow her to further explore exactly how inconvenient she's capable of being.

Magellan has to be lifted bodily onto my lap and held there (which he will remain contentedly boneless for for several minutes of petting and snuggling) and will only join me in bed when it's chilly.
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