Rafe (etcet) wrote,

Don't Ask Alice

In mostly chronological order over the last couple of days:
- teammate took my stick home with him, so it's not lost and in need of replacement.
- there was a poll for a new/alternate team name. i could not vote hard enough for HEINEKIN SKYWALKERS... though the tighty-whitey-sporting GIs flanking a tank with COMMANDOS was a reasonable second.
- had a pleasant time at critus' annual NMBC shindig seeing friends and nomming. my chili seemed popular, which may have been due in equal measures to how good it smelled, and the refreshingly chilly nighttime temperatures.
- spent the day off mostly as a lump on the couch, with an unproductive and unsatisfying foray into the gym, both of which were caused by a poor night's sleep and a profoundly annoying ache at the back of my skull
- after some technological missteps, caught yesterday's episode of doctor who; my thoughts will be under a cut in a subsequent entry for them who wish not to be spoilered
- early to bed, repeatedly to rise, the sound of a 1am gunshot somewhere in a two block radius doesn't make waking up at 0530 to go to work suck any less (poetry is hard).
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