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a strange game; the only winning move is.... not to play

so here's a fun no-win/no-lose situation.  tweaked my leg lifting last sunday, competing next sunday. i am the only guy in my age group and weight class. i literally cannot lose unless i reinjure myself and fail to complete all three lifts. i also don't want to be a total sandbagger, because, if at all possible, i'd like to put up a total that allows me to compete in world-record-eligible events next year.*

in my case, that's a total of 1,117lbs cumulatively in the squat, bench, and deadlift.  my loose game plan, assuming my leg is up to it, is to go with approximately 315 / 260 / 550 to total 1125 (kilo math means i'll have about 5kg of margin).  i am also considering opening absurdly light in the squat (80kg/175lb)), depending on how things feel tomorrow just to make sure i can perform the bench and deadlift (a qualifying bench press would be a pretty-challenging-right-now 280lb, but the deaflift is a complete snoozer at 425)

*my meet in april will also suit this need, but i'd rather have the pressure off, unless the strength simply isn't there next week.

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Get Off My Lawn!

A very merry Christmas Adam* to me! [gratuitous icon use]

An early gift!

Some fifty-four year old pornblogger thought they should give me one my presents early, in the form of an adorable little threat of a throat punch.

Personally, I’m somewhat baffled that they apparently took the time, to check out enough of my selfies to call me a narcissist, and somehow managed to overlook the fact that most of them are taken in the gym, which kind of undermines their assertion that I’m lazy.

The piquant sentiment, the bloviating delivery, the complete failure to conjugate and punctuate…. *kisses fingers* … a sterling example of the breed, “North American Conservative Dipshit.”

I hope this was the hill you wanted to die on, champ.


  Your taste in porn is insipid, incidentally.

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An Open Letter to Tumblr, Oath, and Apple


Look, I get it. You saw the actually-heinous people and bots posting child exploitation pornography and recognized it for the evil it is.

You reacted.

Not out of a sense of justice or moral outrage, obviously, because you are corporate entities for whom those concepts do not apply, but because they threatened your corporate value (because All Must Bow to the Craven Capitalist Command of Cupertino, and the whims of Wall Street in these, the burgeoning days of late-stage capitalism).

But, yes, you reacted.

I mean, you overreacted, and overreached, and are going to have to walk that the fuck back, but, as the poorly-drawn star says, “an attempt was made.”

But your reaction was telling on many levels, some of which were obvious to you, some of which were obvious to everyone else, and some of which might not have been obvious at all.

On the face of the Tumblr policy note we’ve all been seeing at the top of our dash is the explicit and overt sexism and puritanism that Apple has foisted on the digital marketplace by being the 800lb gorilla in the room with their app store, and anything that isn’t squeaky fucking clean when it comes to kids and nipples has no place there. “Female-presenting nipples,” for fuck’s sake. Nipples don’t know what gender they are, you dipshits. Pixels of whatever color don’t have a gender at all.

So you began flagging content as potentially violating this upcoming policy of purging, throwing an algorithm that is, frankly, as competent as the current occupant of the White House at the problem without doing even a hint of QA testing. I’m not a programmer, so what you developed and implemented is better than what I could write, but putting it into the world was demonstrably worse than the nothing I wrote.

Write better code. Do even a modicum of unit testing. GitHub is a thing, as is code review.

But, no, you panicked in the face of the impending end of 4Q18 and your need to present a shiny, healthy, investor-or-buyer-pleasing report, so you rushed it and bungled the job, and have enjoyed the attendant egg on your faces (and discovered the need for asbestos underwear that those of us who’ve been online for a couple of decades now have known about all along).

But even this inept, ham-fisted censorship attempt revealed something: you - and every other social media platform (looking real hard at you, Twitter and Facebook) - you could cut off the sexists, the racists, the homophobes, the anti-Semites, the anti-Muslims, the anti-Latinx, the “Proud Boys,” the goddamned actual Nazis, all these fucking hate groups - right at the fucking ankles. But you haven’t, and won’t, because, in the grand calculus of the iTunes store, bigots are better than tits.

You’re all craven cowards, bowing to the almighty dollar.  And we see you. We see you very well.

This is why “Millenials are killing” thing after thing. The market you’re all so fond of worshiping is based on supply and demand, and our demands are simple: if you’re stupid and hateful, we want less and less to do with you, and will take our screen time and clicks and attention and money elsewhere.

People have often asked me why I hate iPhones in particular* and Apple products in general, and their eyes glaze over when I start talking about the walled garden. This, however, is a very clear, concise, and illustrative shorthand.

I don’t care how many dozens or hundreds of billions of dollars your corporations are worth (or even if Apple keeps bouncing above the $1T line). You’re not above being taken down, inch by inch, by the millions of people whom you view as consumers and commodities to be fleeced and sold, and whose eyes are opening.

So keep looking at sand dunes and sneakers and flowers and seeing NSFW content where none exists, just to protect your precious, precious valuation.

We’re going to be looking elsewhere, and, yes, even at naked ladies’ breasts.

You’re not the only boobs around. And we know which ones we want to see.


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so, this place might perk up quite a bit soon

since tumblr is literally shooting itself in the dick two weeks from tomorrow, and banning every account that has ever posted explicit content, apparently.

i don't expect mine to be culled, but a lot of other people are, and DW is one of the destinations (as is, as soon as they get their shit back together, presumably)

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Irma-girded Loins

Made it through the storm unscathed, save for being without power for 51 hours or so (just before 11p Sunday to 2am Weds).  Lots of small and midsize branches down in my neck of the woods.

DragonCon was a bit less enthusiastic than usual, partly due to storm worries on both sides (CS had her "evacu-vacation" flight out of Houston changed four or five times in as many days courtesy of Harvey, which was its own shitshow of stress despite not resulting in any property damage on her end, fortunately).

I haven't had a decent workout in damn near six weeks.

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i am apparently guilty of having gotten my hopes up too high for this, given all the early reviews and the stratospheric rotten tomatoes meta score.

admittedly, being a 40-something dude, i was not the main target for this movie.

sfx were good, even if the "real 3d" took a while to get out of its own way. gal gadot was better than expected, and did a fair impression of linda carter in a few of the shots.  chris pine was.... i dunno what it is about him that just doesn't work for me, but he always looks both pathetic and untrustworthy.

that was the worst villainous monologuing i have ever fucking seen.  like, seriously, it was exactly why i don't read comics or watch movies based on them.

the evil scientist had two things i wish had been handled differently - the internalized misogyny, and the lack of closure (i have a probably-too-dark-but-it-would-work-for-how-the-resolution-was-shaped recommendation)

i'd give it a.... 3.5/5? 
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[Review] Wake of Vultures - Lila Bowen

In a similar vein to Elizabeth Bear’s ( @matociquala ) “Karen Memory” and @lauraannegilman‘s “The Devil’s West” series, Lila Bowen (Delilah S. Dawson’s nom de plume for a certain chunk of her ouevre) has thrown her dusty, sweat-stained, and trail-ridden hat into the “weird west,” and done a damn fine job of it.

Nettie Lonesome takes approximately no shit and makes fewer excuses in a world that is rough and surreal, kind and cruel by turns to her and everyone else in it, and holds her stubborn chin up against a litany of adversity that would have turned lesser men (and women, and variations thereupon) into buzzard buffet. Every time the characters or audience gets a breather, it’s because there’s another headlong sprint coming.

There’s no shortage of character development for both Nettie and those folks around her, regardless of precisely how human (or not) they are, and the characters and story pull no punches with each other or the reader. This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.
new back

the weighting is the hardest part (with apologies to elizabeth bear)

trying to discern which is more stressful when it comes to making weight for a meet:

  • being way heavy but super-hydrated the night before and literally pissing it all off in 12 hours
  • being right at weight but fairly dehydrated the night before and entertaining fantasies about making long, sweet, passionate love to a fuckoff-huge glass of iced tea
(I have, barring some kind of metabolic miracle in the next sixteen hours that turns point 2 into point 1, above, given up any illusions of dropping to the next weight class down to set a national record in the deadlift this weekend, and will instead satisfy myself with incrementally raising my current state records and Wilks score in advance of a friend of mine eclipsing them when he turns 40 later this year and subsequently landing in my age bracket) This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.