Rafe (etcet) wrote,

the weighting is the hardest part (with apologies to elizabeth bear)

trying to discern which is more stressful when it comes to making weight for a meet:

  • being way heavy but super-hydrated the night before and literally pissing it all off in 12 hours
  • being right at weight but fairly dehydrated the night before and entertaining fantasies about making long, sweet, passionate love to a fuckoff-huge glass of iced tea
(I have, barring some kind of metabolic miracle in the next sixteen hours that turns point 2 into point 1, above, given up any illusions of dropping to the next weight class down to set a national record in the deadlift this weekend, and will instead satisfy myself with incrementally raising my current state records and Wilks score in advance of a friend of mine eclipsing them when he turns 40 later this year and subsequently landing in my age bracket) This entry was originally posted at http://digitaldiscipline.dreamwidth.org/1062085.html. Please comment there using OpenID.
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