Rafe (etcet) wrote,


i am apparently guilty of having gotten my hopes up too high for this, given all the early reviews and the stratospheric rotten tomatoes meta score.

admittedly, being a 40-something dude, i was not the main target for this movie.

sfx were good, even if the "real 3d" took a while to get out of its own way. gal gadot was better than expected, and did a fair impression of linda carter in a few of the shots.  chris pine was.... i dunno what it is about him that just doesn't work for me, but he always looks both pathetic and untrustworthy.

that was the worst villainous monologuing i have ever fucking seen.  like, seriously, it was exactly why i don't read comics or watch movies based on them.

the evil scientist had two things i wish had been handled differently - the internalized misogyny, and the lack of closure (i have a probably-too-dark-but-it-would-work-for-how-the-resolution-was-shaped recommendation)

i'd give it a.... 3.5/5? 
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